High Rise is one of the arenas that is unlocked in stage 3. This arena consists of rooftop platforms in the urban city. One end has a scaffold that seems to be working on something, and the other end has a giant TV screen that features commercials from Space walk, Pirate Ship, and No Trespassing. Grab 'n' Run and Chicken are not playable on this level.

Details Edit

There are many details in this level that may be used to your advantage.

  • Low-cost ventilation that floats you over to a different rooftop risk and injury-free.
  • A green switch obtainable in the level that causes a red construction bar to be swung side to side, sweeping any of your rivals away.

If you are clumsy around edges, then this level requires a little more attention when going around edges, for there may be good weapons that you may want to obtain.

IMG 5710 (2)

Giant TV screen visible.