"Is that a controller in your hand or are you just happy to see me?" - Lucy, in the game's instruction manual Edit

Whacked Lucy art.3

Star Color
Dark Blue
Attention, chairs apparently
Being ignored
Special Power
Anyone near her gets blown away while she attracts any stars they drop.
At the start of the game
Species / Gender
Human / Female
Tara Strong

Lucy is one of the one of the seven Whacked! contestants and eight playable characters from the video game Whacked!, and one of the first four default characters.

Role In the Game Edit

Lucy is a contestant that was selected to join the game show Whacked, hosted by Van Tastic. A lot of her selection and positive response from viewers was due to her heavily sexual behaviour and knowledge of sexual appeal towards specific audiences.

Little is known about Lucy's past, but several details in the game hint that she has a history of sexual relationships with a number of people. This is demonstrated in her audition, in which she categorises her audience and choses from a selection of dresses to generate the largest positive reaction.

During her time playing for the final prize at the end of the game, she developed a sexual, and possibly genuinely romantic, relationship with Otto's chair, whom she flirts with whenever they interact.

Otto's and Lucy's endings, and by extension, their prizes, are connected. Otto's chair abandons him and rams him off screen, before eventually being discovered by Lucy. Lucy sits in the chair and finds a remote and selects a button that activates the chair's vibration settings, prompting a relatively sexual reaction from her.

Personality Edit

Most scenes involving Lucy present her in a very heavily sexual manner. In most of her interactions with other characters, she speaks in a very relaxed and lewd tone, possibly to stir a reaction from them. She very often makes offers to characters and flaunts her attractive physique in order to gain a positive response from viewers.

However, despite her lewd behaviour in most of her appearances, she also expresses a very authoritative attitude and demonstrates an advanced knowledge of legal business. This behaviour is evident in her audition, in which she categorises her audience to decide on her final outfit. It is also evident in Van's confession after the show's cancellation, where she recites a long and accurately detailed legal document simply based on memory.

Appearance Edit

She is Caucasian with blue, crystalline eyes and blue hair with white highlights. She is physically fit and has typical details of a sexualised female character, including large breasts and curvaceous hips.

Her outfit typically consists only of blue stockings with matching blue high heels shoes, blue leather gloves and a black neck collar. The rest of her body is completely naked and is censored by a pair of black bars. Lucy is capable of interacting with these bars as if they were physically present.

She is also shown in other, less provocative attire, demonstrating her large wardrobe of outfits in her audition. These outfits include and are not limited to, a blue latex dress, a military uniform and a high school sports outfit. All of these outfits are apparently intended to generate sexual appeal, possibly hinting as a list of scenarios she performs whenever she makes love to a client.

Relationships Edit

Her most positive relationship with the other characters is with Otto's Chair, whom she expresses a sexual interest in. Despite her affection for his chair however, she is repulsed by Otto himself, whom she sarcastically compliments to express her disinterest.

Her second of her few relationships is with Lance, whom she heavily dislikes. She is unimpressed by his sexual abilities and will openly mock is failure to impress her. Despite her cold attitude towards him, he seems otherwise oblivious and continues to demonstrate is abilities.

Lucy states her preference of Toof over Lance in terms of physical appeal; however, this was only meant to be a stab at Lance rather than a confession of actual attraction.

She originally expresses desire for Van himself, but confesses her assumption that he was "little". Van, in turn, offers his affection for her, but refuses to allow her any leeway until she has won the game first.

Trivia Edit

  • In most of the advertising for the game, Lucy is depicted with a blue dress, possibly to avoid potential censorship.
  • It's implied that she has often appealed to fantasies and fetishes in her career before her appearance on the show, based on several attitudes and outfits she puts on to appeal to specific crowds.
  • Lucy is very intelligent and business savvy, as she quotes specific parts of her contract from memory when she needs to.
  • When Lucy loses, she covers herself with her hands in embarrassment.
Whacked! - Lucy's Audition

Whacked! - Lucy's Audition